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Wyncote Club's History


1973 - 1975

1976 - 1978

1978 - 1980

1981 - 1983

1984 - 1986

1987 - 1989

1990 - 1993

1994 - 1997

1998 - 2000

1972 Outstanding capital fund bonds issued in 1960 are retired by Wyncote. A new era of certificate member ownership has generated enthusiasm and energy that will prevail into the future. The format of Wyncote's roster includes children's names as participants of club activities. Initiation fees: Slip $500; Mooring $150; Non-Boating $50; Slip rentals $10/ft. Ladies Auxiliary reactivated (See Editorial).  

1973 Al O'Donnell hired as dock master. Marina facilities are completely full, with a waiting list for the first time in history.

1974 Initiation fee increased to: Slip $750; Mooring $250; Nonboating $50. Marina in need of dredging. Papers are filed for approval. Mandatory 8 to 12 night watch and two work days of members established. Increase in social functions and membership attendance necessitates an increase in the size of House Committee. Clubhouse receives new coat of paint. Bulkhead built in 1970, continues to deteriorate.

1975 Dredging completed to 4 feet below mean low water to strengthen bulkhead at the western portion, new tie-rods and new dead men were installed under the parking lot.    

1976 Wyncote Yacht Club joins other boating clubs and celebrates our nation's bicentennial by welcoming tall ships in our harbor. New docks constructed by members. Continued improvements are made to our uphill and downhill facilities. Our members respond affirmatively to upgrading our yacht club. Slip rentals $12/ft.

1977 Dick Van Steenburgh active board member since 1958, is appointed Commodore of Wyncote for the 3rd time. His leadership and legal counsel have kept the yacht club moving in a forward direction from inception. 

1978 Interior of clubhouse refurbished. Boathouse roof repaired- Four members elect to winter store their boats at Wyncote. 1979 New heating system installed in clubhouse. Boathouse parking lot and uphill road to clubhouse are repaved. Dick Van Steenburgh (one of the club's original founders) retires from Board after 15 years of service. He remains as General Counsel to Club.

1980 Application submitted to install a new underground gas tank in the upper parking field. Now floats constructed for a portion of and docks and necessary pilings installed.  

1981 New 12,000 gallon fiberglass gas tank installed with appropriate fiberglass piping to valve pit at side of West Shore Road. Gas dock relocated. Slip rentals $15/ft.

1982 New gravel placed in clubhouse lower parking field. Improvements to our yacht club necessitate raising our initiation fees to a new high: Boating slip members $1,000; Mooring S380; Non-Boaters $75.

1983 New ice shed and freezer installed. Application is submitted for additional slips. Application denied. Gas dock flotations are leaking.  

1984 Masonry foundation installed to support existing clubhouse porch. New vinyl siding added to clubhouse. Gas dock floats are sandblasted and refinished. Lloyd Harbor, a favorite anchorage area, restricts mooring, rafting and overnight layovers to permit-holders only. A small transient anchorage area remains available. Wildlife refuge bird sanctuaries are designated for Eatons Neck basin and large portion of Sand City. Slip rentals $17/ft.

1985 Hurricane "Gloria" blew hard but damage was minimal due to the helping hands of many Wyncote members. Hazardous frame barn is demolished and a new masonry barn erected in same location. Wyncote sponsored and hosted organizational meeting for The Greater Huntington Council of Yacht and Boating Clubs. They will devote their energy to protect the interests of all boaters in our area.

1986 New bubble system installed to protect our marina during the frigid months of winter. The gas dock flotation tanks continue to leak. Club authorizes filling the tanks with a urethane foam substance. Wyncote hosts a tall ship (The Lady Barbara) as part of Statue of Liberty celebration. Past Commodores meet with Board committee and give their input on the reviewing of our Bylaws. Revised Bylaws approved by and issued to membership.  

1987 Consulting engineer retained to review condition of deteriorating bulkhead. Plans to obtain permits to extend docks and increase size of club by 21 slips approved by membership. Consultant is hired to prepare plans and secure permits to extend marina. Plans approved by Army Corps of Engineers and permit is issued but rejected by Town of Huntington and the D.E.C. Complete moratorium is placed upon Huntington Harbor by the Town of Huntington. Initiation fees increased to: Slip $2,000; Mooring $760; Non-Boating membership $150. Slip rentals $20/ft.

1988 Major clubhouse renovations and porch enclosure approved by membership; however, new State and Town laws render project prohibitive in cost and project is abandoned. Gas float leaks cause listing of gas dock, and the failure of bulkhead is accelerating. Underground washout of soil requires backfill in boathouse parking area. Full complement of membership with larger and larger boats have outgrown marina electrical and water services dockside. Major upgrading of our Club is very costly. A vote of confidence is required from the special certificate holders to approve the borrowing of needed capital. Proposed projects include: new steel bulkhead, complete electrical overhaul, new fuel lines under road and to gas pumps, new high pressure water lines to boathouse and docks, stabilization of boathouse, rebuild utilizing new doors, windows, porch and vinyl siding; refurbish and decorate interior; repave dockside parking lot; two new aluminum ramps; new flagpole; new clubhouse roof; bulkhead railing, and new gas pumps. Membership unanimously approved all waterfront proposals, but rejected a large portion of the electrical overhaul. Clubhouse porch is enclosed. Initiation fees increased to: Slip $5,000; and for Mooring members $2,000.

1989 Town of Huntington bills us for taxes due on underwater property utilized by our marina. Wyncote Counsel files appeal. New double-walled fiberglass fuel line is installed beneath road and parking lot to bulkhead. Fuel leak detection system installed at bulkhead. Special certificate holders membership vote held to refinance the Wyncote Club. Vote is unanimously in favor. The necessary permits for new bulkhead are obtained after much ado. $250,000 is borrowed, the previous mortgage is satisfied, the steel pilings are ordered, and the installation of bulkhead begins in December. Membership dues: Slip $375; Mooring $275; and Slip fees increased to $22.50/ft. Dock master Al O'Donnell retires after 18 years of service.  

1990 New steel bulkhead installed with an estimated life expectancy of 35-50 years. Bulkhead and all related projects completed by opening day. The entire membership rallies to meet the deadline of projects outlined in 1988. The spirit, enthusiasm, expertise, hard work, and total commitment of the entire membership is unparalleled thus far in the history of the Wyncote Club. Membership approves printing of new certificates to conform with Bylaw revisions of 1986. New rules for the renting of the clubhouse restricted to member usage only. Huntington Township continues to challenge our underwater rights, and three raccoons challenge the occupancy of our above water marina facilities. “A” and “B” docks removed in the Fall and completely rebuilt.  

1991 Ten steel pilings are ordered to add extra strength and height for “A”,“B”and “C” docks in the event of a severe storm. New concrete gas dock is ordered.  

1992 Ten new pipe pilings are installed on "A"& "B" and "C" docks, This will not only protect the Wyncote Club in the event of storms, but will eliminate having to dismantle the docks each year. Concrete gas dock is installed with new ice storage and office/supply sheds. Upgrading of electrical service to 30 amperes includes new heavier wiring and electrical boxes. "C" dock repaired with new decking where needed. The Greater Huntington Council of Yacht and Boating Clubs meets early in year to begin plans to celebrate the 500th year Anniversary of Columbus' Voyage to America.  

1993 Consolidation and reorganization of staff and responsibilities. Economy contraction causes vacancies and slips available for new members. Strong recruiting efforts get new members.  1994 Continuing effort to get new members pays off. Initiation fees, [$5,000]. 

1994 Continuing effort to get new members pays off. Initiation fees, [$5,000] help to restore the membership and increase the treasury. Social events well attended and membership participation greatly increased.  

1995 Stabilization of membership numbers. We stay the course. Recovery of the economy enhances the boating scene.  

1996 and 1997 The upgrading of the club again commences. Boat House totally rebuilt with new exterior and roof, plus redesign of interior. Cathedral ceiling installed, new ladies and men's rooms with separate showers, skylights in the main boathouse, new heating system and ceiling fans and indirect lighting dock ramp float replaced, new plumbing and electric on C dock, anodes on bulkhead, walk in freezer converted to supply shed, with new freezers. Forced air system on clubhouse porch, purchased new work boat and trailer, winter work boat with motor, new wood custom windows in clubhouse, tree removal, new shrubbery and sprinkler system for clubhouse grounds. Repave the driveway to clubhouse, Club mooring in Oyster Bay. Revised by-laws to create probationary membership. The above capital projects accomplished while mortgage was paid down by over $64,000 and the balloon payment paid when due.


1998 Marina full, membership standby lists show waiting list. 1999 Economy strong, as are the fortunes of the club. New boats, new faces, social scene strongly attended.  

2000 Continued prosperity as fuel sales reach record high and club finances get stronger. New boats continue to get bigger. Dredging plans formulated and permits applied for. New A-B dock approved and being constructed in Canada from recycled plastic for the decking. The numerous members who have served Wyncote as Officers, Board members, on committees, and the general membership for the last 45 years, contributed greatly to the success of our yacht club. Over the years, they have approached every task with intellectual abilities, special skills and the willingness to participate in getting the job done. We have grown to a current membership of 78 slip, 1 mooring, 21 non-boating and 3 honorary members. We have established a first-class facility for the boating and social pleasures of our members. It is interesting to note that the total cost of rebuilding the Wyncote Club from inception to present is over one million dollars in materials alone, not counting the immeasurable hours of labor contributed by the membership which cannot be valued. To all those who have contributed, “Well Done”! During the 45-year history of our yacht club, the Ladies Auxiliary (now the Auxiliary) has contributed with social and fund-raising activities, which focused on beautification of the house and grounds.  ning a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.  

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