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60 Years Experience Serving Our Members
& The Local Boating Community 

Wyncote Club, Inc. was established in 1956 to promote a greater interest in and accessibility to pleasure boating in a setting that further promotes membership activities. Today, the club's four acre site, including a marina and a clubhouse, is enjoyed, managed and maintained by Wyncote members themselves. Cruising, fishing and socializing throughout the year all create camaraderie and fun.  


Our members get to know each other better than most large boating clubs that are really only marinas. At Wyncote Club every day is a great day as we get to meet and know our members and often develop life-long friendships. 

We Have Fun!

WYNCOTE 2023 Officers
& Board of Directors


  • Joseph Vaccaro, Commodore

  • Glen Reitter, Vice Commodore

  • Frank Maddalena, Rear Commodore

  • Doug Reilly, Treasurer

  • Paul Meyer, Secretary

  • Jack Bills, Fleet Captain 

  • Keith Moore, Board Member

  • Diane Whitcomb, Board Member

  • Joe Doherty, Board Member

  • Joanne Petruzzi, Board Member

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